The material culture preserved at the Museo Egizio is the result of the resourcefulness and creativity of one of the most fascinating civilizations in history. The mission of the Museum springs from its material culture and can be summarized in one word: care. Care of the material culture is a concept that overcomes the fictitious separation “protection versus valorization”. Making a distinction between protection and valorization by entrusting museums only with the valorization of the object means denying the role of the Museum as a research institution, a role that the Museo Egizio firmly claims for itself. It is precisely through research that it is possible, and indeed necessary, to bundle these three aspects (research, valorization, protection) together: we can achieve a correct conservation only by studying and then promoting our cultural heritage to the public. These are inseparable moments: the study allows us to get to know our heritage, including its fragilities, and therefore preserve it in the best possible way for future generations.

Once the scientific research has been recognized as the center of the museum’s activity, and a priority for the scientific committee, the Museo Egizio has developed actions aimed at ensuring support for the choices made. This has led to the expansion of the scientific staff, to an increased accessibility to the Museum for researchers – young and experienced – for the study and interpretation of the collections; and to an effort to enhance the results of our research through communication activities and teaching, in order to transmit them to the public and nurture an ongoing connection with our stakeholders.

The Museo Egizio is a solid, dynamic and modern institution, which aims at achieving a deeper and deeper cultural growth through the confrontation and dialogue with specialists from different fields: Egyptology, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Anthropology, Archaeometry, Archives, Excavations, Conservation and Restoration, Social Inclusion – these are just some of the topics investigated during Lectures and Meetings held at the Museum over the years, and which find a free and accessible space in this web page, with the aim to favor the broadest possible dissemination of knowledge.


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Via Accademia delle Scienze 6, 10123 Torino


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